a model in a green satin halter top with pink detail

Artisanal Fabrics that Tell a Story

Each designer Indian-inspired top in our collection is crafted from hand-selected luxury fabrics that speak volumes of the rich textile heritage of India. From the airy lightness of chiffon to the luxurious drape of satin, our fabrics are chosen not just for their beauty but for their story and sustainability. Experience the touch of artisanal elegance with fabrics that are as unique as you are.

a model in a black halter top and green satin maxi skirt

A Palette of Vibrant Colors

La’ Agra’s Indian fusion tops are a celebration of color. Inspired by the diverse and vibrant landscapes of India, our palette ranges from the deep blues of the Indian Ocean to the rich maroons of historic forts and the bright yellows of marigold flowers. These colors are carefully chosen, ensuring that every woman can find her perfect shade of elegance. Pair them with our ethically made skirts for a look that speaks volumes.

a model showing the back of a black long-sleeve top with pink details

Timeless Tops with a Modern Twist

Drawing inspiration from traditional motifs, our designer reimagined them in a way that fits into the modern woman’s wardrobe seamlessly. Whether it’s an office look or a casual day out, our tops make a statement that’s both subtle and striking.

Dive into the world of La’ Agra’s designer Indian-inspired tops and find your next wardrobe staple that's handcrafted with love and care. Shop now to discover modern Indian-inspired tops that blend the best of both worlds – where tradition meets contemporary elegance.