The Zwani Halter

$186.05 USD

Size Guide

This halter top is a delightful embodiment of carefree chic and bohemian charm. The halter neckline creates a flattering and sensual silhouette, accentuating your shoulders and back while providing a secure fit. The top features a backless design, enhancing its summary and relaxed appeal.

The standout feature of this halter top is the tassels that adorn it. Cascading from the neckline or hem, these tassels are a burst of movement and color. They dance with every step you take, creating a sense of playfulness and whimsy. The tassels may be made of various materials, such as thread, beads, or fabric, and can come in a spectrum of colors, adding a vibrant touch to the top.

The halter top's overall design can vary, from a simple and minimalistic style with a single row of tassels to a more intricate design with layers of tassels that create a dramatic effect. The tassels can be long and flowing, creating a boho-inspired look, or shorter for a subtler appearance.

Made in the UAE. Satin Blend, Dry Clean Only